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        每個案例 都見證了客戶的成功!

        快速消費品 工業品 農藥產品 材料材質 醫療行業


        Industry characteristics:

        The dust in the production environment is large, which is likely to cause the problem of nozzle clogging, and the power supply is noisy, which is easy to cause interference to the printer, which leads to inaccurate charging of the printer and the problem of unstable printing characters. The printed characters are also larger.


        As the industry's leading inkjet printer brand, BTMARK printers are equipped with IP54 and IP56 grade enclosures to protect against dust and liquid ingress. This structural marking and coding solution design can be reliably used in the most demanding production environments. in. Unrepeatable laser marking and continuous inkjet coding ensure reliable batch coding of pipe printers, pipe printers and cable printers. Our range of code solutions also features a variety of maintenance and management systems to ensure optimal performance and control, giving you complete control over your production line

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