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        每個案例 都見證了客戶的成功!

        快速消費品 工業品 農藥產品 材料材質 醫療行業


        Industry characteristics

        After filling or after packaging, the cosmetics need to identify the date of manufacture, the effective date, etc. according to the relevant regulations. Cosmetics manufacturers generally also identify the serial number or batch number, etc. Some enterprises carry out the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting identification trace code (barcode). . There are many kinds of products in the daily chemical industry. The materials are different. The surface of the objects to be marked sometimes has slight irregularities such as pipes, bottles, etc. The materials are made of plastic materials, PVC, PE or glass, metal packaging, etc., applicable requirements: Anti-moist, anti-alcohol, anti-friction ink.



        Laser coders provide permanent identification

        Quickly dry ink, will not be wiped off and soiled during production

        White ink ensures that the writing is clearly readable on dark surfaces

        cardboard box

        Printed ink has excellent adhesion even on multi-layer stacked carton surfaces

        Linx's range of adjustable lasers maintain marking quality on any material surface

        Inkjet and laser printers can be aligned with high-speed production lines

        Tube packaging

        Non-contact laser and printer markings do not damage the surface of foils and plastic tubing


        Anti-wear and wiped inks ensure the quality of the product logo

        High-quality marking solutions are widely used in HDPE, LDPE, PET and other surfaces.

        Deformable packaging

        Continuous inkjet, thermal transfer coder, laser coder and thermal foaming inkjet can be used to code on polypropylene, polyethylene, aluminum and cellophane

        Non-contact coding guarantees no damage to materials

        Corrugated paper outsourcing carton

        Minimal inventory control and inventory planning simplification

        Increased printing flexibility allows for the printing requirements of the change and individual packaging requirements, without incurring additional costs

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